Azeroth, Wednesday, December, 7th, 2016
Christmas break is coming!

Christmas break is coming!

The annual raid christmas break will be from the 19th december till the 3rd of january! The christmas break is happening so we'll not be forced to cancel raids due to low signups, and to avoid people feeling they have to sign up, even when they'd rather spend time with family and loved ones.

First raid after the break will be wednesday the 4th of january, so be prepared, stand together and let's save Azeroth once again!

Remember to sign up for raids!

We know. It's boring, you forget it. But please! Sign up for raid in advance. It makes it a lot easier to know if PUGs have to be brought in or not, or in worst case if we have to do a heroic night. So please sign up in advance. We recommend just signing up for the next 10 raids, you can always sign off if you can't come!
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Mini holidays are coming!

No one asked for them! No one needs them! 7.1.5 brings mini holidays!
From "Call of the Scarab" to "Tavern Crawl". The new mini holidays will contain lots of smaller objectives and silly things to do if you get bored.
Micro-holidays are new types of holidays, and each one will last for only a few days and pay tribute to a different part of Azeroth's history and culture.
Farm seeks new owner.
Last owner just left one day.
If interested please contact sales@sunsongranch.pan
Panda looking for a cooking partner in Dalaran. Must not mind burnt food. Call me.


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Chromus - Raider
Thanks for agreeing to do the interview Chromus! We haven't talked that much, so I look forward to learning more about you! You've been very active in raids, so I thought this was a good occasion for the guild to get to know you better.
Let's hear something about you. How old are you, where are you from, what do you do, and what are your dreams for the future?
I'm 43 and live in Amsterdam. I work as Service Delivery Manager for a company that supplies charge points for Electric Vehicles. We do the billing and the support & Maintenance for the charge points. Dreams for the future include early retirement, preferably on a warm island.
So, why the name Chromus?
The name Chromus is made up, just like most names of my chars.
What attracted to you about WoW?
I joined the wow circus a long time ago, in the beta, my paladin Maxxim was one of the first lvl 60 chars on Aszune.
At that time the game was far ahead of anything the competition had to offer, and i kinda stuck with it ever since.
If you could change one thing in the game, what would it be?
If I could change one thing in the game it would be to buff my shaman !!!!, enough with the shaman nerfs !
What's your favorite raid?
My favorite raids will always be the vanilla raids, i fondly recall the 40 man struggles.
What's your favorite part about the guild?
What i like most about the guild is the "comradery" for lack of a better description. We can be serious at times, but the fun stuff in the weekend is most enjoyed.
What do you like most about the game?
The most i like about the game is questing, and second achievements!
Any future events would you like to see in the guild?
I'm looking forward to the friend lfr in patch 7.1, hopefully we can get more groups going in the guild that way.
You're a Shaman, what made you pick that class?
Shaman ftw !!!, I started a shaman the moment they became available to the alliance, it took me however one more expansion to make him my main. Never looked back since.
There's a lot of new contents coming out in 7.1.5, any special things you look forward to?
Friend LFR !!
So... Maiev Shadowsong, Sylvanas Windrunner or Tyrande Whisperwind?
Sylvanas offcourse
Any final words?
Don't trust Flintar.


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