Azeroth, Wednesday, December, 21th, 2016

Happy feast of winter veil!

Merry christmas everyone, and welcome to the christmas edition of The Luminance!
In this edition you can read all about Flintar, a bit about the nighthold raid, and some news about raiding in 2017.

A message from our raid leader:
For the new year, we will be starting the 4th of January with Mythic Emerald Nightmare. Hopefully with everyone on the team home and eager to raid!

We therefore hope to be able to get some progress done, so we can prepare to assualt the Nighthold - That's right, Blizzard have announched the Nighthold to be released the 18th of January in Europe!
This means that from that very day we will start clearing Nighthold Normal, each wednesday and monday. The Thursdays raid will therefore not be officially held until we have safely moved on to heroic.

So give it your best while we still have Emerald nightmare, and be ready for an awesome new raid!
Love Flintar.

p.s. Mannoroth will be whole again!
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Nighthold is coming!

The Suramar palace is ours for the taking
The largest structure in the Broken Isles, and among the grandest in all of Azeroth, the Nighthold stands as a testament to the achievements of the nightborne civilization. Centered around the Nightwell, the fount of arcane energy that has sustained Suramar for centuries, these grounds were built as a haven from the worries of the world. But as a felstorm churns above the former temple of Elune across the bay, and Gul'dan himself now resides within the palace's walls, those worry now begin, not end, here.
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Everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes the reason is that you're stupid and you make really bad decisions.
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Remember to sign up for raids!

We know. It's boring, you forget it. But please! Sign up for raids in advance. It makes it a lot easier to know if PUGs have to be brought in or not, or in worst case if we have to do a heroic night. So please sign up in advance. We recommend just signing up for the next 10 raids, you can always sign off if you can't come!

Focus: Gul'dan

Gul'dan was a former orc shaman from Draenor who became the first orcish warlock as well as the de facto founder of the Orcish Horde.

Abandoning the ways of shamanism and betraying both his people and his mentor to the demon lord Kil'jaeden for personal gain and power, Gul'dan was directly responsible for the orcs' fall to demonic enslavement as well as for the Horde's invasion of Azeroth. Tutored by the lord of the Burning Legion, he became the founder and master of the Shadow Council as well as the original creator of the necromantic terrors known as death knights. He often referred to himself as "Darkness Incarnate" and "The Destroyer of Dreams." Gul'dan is considered one of the most powerful warlocks to have ever existed.



Flintar - Raid leader
Hi Flintar, thanks for agreeing to the interview. I thought the guildies might want to know more about our raid leader, and what his motivations are in life!
Let's hear something about your background. How old are you, where are you from, what do you do, and what are your dreams for the future?
I am 22 years old, I am from Denmark and speak Danglish. I currently study software engineering at the university In Aarhus. I wish to end up working with programming, I currently hope that through my studies, I will end up with a more direct answer, when I encounter something specific. At the moment I really just love programming.
So, why the name Flintar?
Really? Are you for fucking real? Okay then… lets do it.

It was a stormy and dark knight. One of these nights were no would go outside. But even then, 2 people could be found out there. In the cold storm, fighting for their life. Fighting for a place to stay for the night, far away from any civilization. As they have walked for a while they finally found what they searched for, a stable, a place to stay for the night. But as they moved closer, one of the two, a young woman, stopped followed by the words. What now if some animals or even some kind of creatures have gotten the same thoughts, what if there is already something in there? She said. The other person, a young man, thought to himself. There is no way we can stay out here, we would freeze to death, I am not ready to see my life or my future die this day. He looked at her with determination, before looking down at her belly. We have to get out of the cold storm, he said, as he put his arm around her, slowly moving toward the stable. As they entered the building, it seemed empty, only a few mices ran over the floor. They went over to a corner close to the entrance. As they sat there for a while, they slowly realized they were not alone. Before they realized it, a strange looking person came running over the floor toward them, with his right hand high in to the air, he held a knife. From the sight of this strange person, the woman froze in fear. But not the young man beside her, he jumped up and blocked the attack with his arm, stopping the attacker, before the knife could get in contact with anyone. With a forcefull push, he forced the attacker backward, making him stumble out in the light of the entrance, before he fell to the ground. As soon as he could be seen, by the moon light, it struck the young man. It was a skeleton, one of the undead. With fear and determination, he looked around, searching for a weapon. He ran across the room fast and grabbed a shovel, before returning, smashing the head of the attacker…. I was born that night, it went from their worst night, to the best of all. And my name you ask? The storm that night, was called Flintar.

No really, I once made a hunter, from the word hunter, I created the name Hintar. I later made a death knight called Deaddeaddead, but that was not okay, so blizzard forced me to change name. So I made my name Flintar from the name Hintar. Not much. …
What attracted to you about WoW?
I guess I was 13-14 when I first startet. Everyone back then was hyped about the game, it was back in tbc. All that played a lot of computer had that game and loved it. Even one of my teachers. Even my brother had tried playing, so I ended up taking over his account and making a new char. My first was a hunter. But yeah, the game back then, I looked huge, It was amazing, and never ending, even abit overwhelming, because jus the leveling experience was a thing going on forever. Was pretty awesome. Currently I just like doing dungeons and raids, its still good, not the sme feeling as back then, but its almost a different game. Still pretty good.
If you could change one thing in the game, what would it be?
I would like to remove Looking for raid again. I like the idea I guess, but in my opinion its damaging the game more then helping.
What's your favorite raid, and what's the worst raid?
My favorite raid has to be Icecrown Citadel. It was the first raid I did with a guild weekly, and I really enjoyed it. Back then I wasp laying as a unholy dk, I was totally topping the meters back then… until my mom strormed the room and told me I had to go to bed, it was far over my bed time xD. And beside that, it would probably have been highmaul, the raid I met avo in <3

The worst, hmm, that’s probably Soo or HFC, they were both there for too long, and didn’t seem that interesting to me, not after we had something like tot and Highmaul. but the worst was probably SOO, I never enjoyed that one much.
What's your favorite part about the guild?
I really like the openminded and friendly atmosphere there is in the guild. And Avo is there!!
What do you like most about the game?
I love the possibility of almost always being able to progress your character. Even if you aint as skilled, with pure time, you can usually get almost to the same heights. That wow is so big, and there is always something to do, its really truly is a never ending game.
Any future events would you like to see in the guild?
Carradene and avo’s wedding xD

Nothing really comes to mind, anything fun :p
You're a Death Knight, what made you pick that class?
Well.. so, you read my story about my name, so you should know the feelings we in my family had toward the undead. So, it is rather ironic that I should end up as a death knight myself, one of the undead. But you know, I was a teenager and I need to do rebel and go the opposite way of my parents.

Hehe, I had a friend who was fast at leveling dk’s up to max level back in Wotlk, so I consider doing the same. Because back then, I had only really my priest at max level, and I needed to try something new. So I did, it was my death knight, and I loved it. Not on first try though. But some time after, when I got it to max level, it slowly ended up being my main, and I have not looked back since…. Well that’s not until now where they fucked us over, ooh god I wish I was a druid…
There's a lot of new contents coming out in 7.1.5, any special things you look forward to?
Right at this moment, I’m not even sure what’s in 7.1.5....
So... Maiev Shadowsong, Sylvanas Windrunner or Tyrande Whisperwind?
I do not like to be contained, or to be limited by choises, and the 3 you offer me are all bad. You need vision Avo. The greatest of them all is the stonemother, Therazane. She is so dame hot, she got a fat ass and big boobs. What more could you want?

I mean, we don’t even know how Maiev looks. Sylvanas is pretty hot, but kind of creepy, you know.. she is dead? Actually…. Can I change my mind, Sylvanas is okay and probably the best, and then we have Tyranda…. I mean, she don’t look bad, I just aint into all that tatoo stuff the night elfs have going. Like wtf? I thought you guys were about the nature and all its beauty.
Any final words?
Mmmmm.... Sylvanas...